[Seaside] HTML Encoding change -- why?

Nevin Pratt nevin at bountifulbaby.com
Tue Feb 14 18:40:13 UTC 2006

In Seaside 2.3, I developed a rather sloppy habit of occasionally typing 
html directly in the #text: or #bold: argument.  Here is an example:

   html text: '<br>This is an example'.

rather than

   html break.
   html text: 'This is an example'.

Sometimes as I typed, the html would just kind of roll off my fingers, 
and I would take the above shortcut rather than typing separate lines.

But, in Seaside 2.5, this no longer works.  Instead, a text argument 
like the above will be transformed into:

   '&lt;br&gt;This is an example'

Which isn't what I expected.  If I had wanted '&lt;' and '&gt;', I would 
have typed it.

Well, I guess I can see value in the automatic transformation, but I can 
also see value in *not* transforming it.

Is there a thread somewhere that talks about the pros and cons of making 
this change?  What was the rationale for making the change?


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