Reverse Proxy setup for Apache2 for use w/ Seaside apps.. (was: Re: [Seaside] [Q] FastCGI + Squeak?)

Rick Flower rickf at
Tue Feb 21 06:38:01 UTC 2006

Lukas Renggli wrote:
> Interesting. Why do you use Apache to rewrite all the links inside the
> HTML and not let Seaside produce the actual URLs right from the
> beginning?
I guess after reading through the various old posts on the Seaside list 
I was/am under the
impression that Seaside needs to use one of the built in webservers that 
are provided by
either Squeak or VW... If I can decouple Seaside and have it somehow 
talk to Apache
directly, I'm all for that, but am not sure if it's possible or how to 
do it..

Also, when I re-configure my Seaside application to change the Base Path 
to something other
than /seaside/go/myapp, it always jumps right back to that value and 
never seems to interested
in taking something else, so I've given up on fiddling with it..   Just 
keep in mind that I'm fairly
new to Seaside/Smalltalk and am likely to be doing something that may 
not make much sense
to someone else more familiar with this environment.  Please enlighten 
me if I'm barking down
the wrong tree...

-- Rick

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