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Dmitry Dorofeev dima-sender-3c337a at yasp.com
Tue Feb 21 12:45:48 UTC 2006


I had the same decision making problems and chosen OmniBase.
Goods was left becouse it require compilation on each platform.
Magma was left becouse it was 'not yet ready' 7 months ago.
Plus it has much bigger codebase than OmniBase. (providing more features for that)

All 3 projects suffering from lack of documentation and use case scenarios
especially ref. Seaside. There are many small bit of hints here and there, so you can
start and use any of them.

Depending on your project you can use Smalltalk image as database
which sounds 'unsafe' for a newbie, but I feel more positive about it now.
Just do periodic autosaves of the image to have rollback points.

ImageSegment may be a choice for a simple needs, combined with proper locking
of simultaneous updates.

Ref. OmniBase I just copy database files and Squeak image from my FreeBSD(i386) to Mac OS X(PowerPC)
and continue development without any problems. I never had a problem with migration.
My app finally working on FreeBSD(amd64) and different Linuxes(32 and 64bit) 

Can say nothing (good or bad) about Magma as I never tried it for real.

I still feel more comfortable with SQL (MySQL or PostgreSQL) and you can use them with
Squeak. I just thought that I can have very easy storage with OODB. markDirty and you done :-)
No SQL strings, type conversion etc.
With GOODS it is probably the case (with a cost of performance) but with OmniBase
it is still some work required to store/retrieve objects, avoid locking conflicts etc.
Just different pain comparing to SQL approach.

Still OODB looks promising for me, hope with a better understanding how it works I can
gain better results with less pain :-)


Rich Warren wrote:
> First let me start with a small disclaimer. I'm new to seaside/ 
> smalltalk/squeak/etc. So I may be missing something simple.
> I would like to develop a seaside web app on my Mac using squeak. But  
> the app will (almost definitely) end up on a windows machine. I need  a 
> good database that will work in both environments. A lot of people  seem 
> to recommend Goods, but I don't know how well it will compile on  my Mac 
> (some newer unix stuff just works--and some doesn't). And it  would be 
> nice to find a good smalltalk database--having everything  living in 
> squeak would make it easier to move back and forth between  platforms.
> So I've looked at Magma. The problem is, it looks like Magma has had  a 
> few recent changes, and seems to be having problems. I'm having  trouble 
> finding up-to-date documentation.  I THINK I finally have it  set up 
> properly (though there is a strange enter password to unlock  
> keychain/enter password to save keychain two-step dance I have to go  
> through every time I start up the squeak image, which just feels  
> wrong). More importantly, the MagmaSession method connectAs: seems to  
> have vanished (though  the magma seaside stuff (e.g. WAMagmaSession)  
> still try to use it). I've tried to fix it by using connect: (which  did 
> not work) and connect (no arguments). The second attempt worked,  sort 
> of. But when the web browser starts a new session it takes  several 
> seconds for the web page to load--which feels too long. And,  when I 
> have multiple browsers/sessions open, they work fine at first,  but 
> eventually stop seeing each others changes. So something's not  right.
> So, does anyone have a better recommendation for a database that I  can 
> move easily between Mac and PC? Or does anyone know a trick to  getting 
> the new version of Magma to work? Any suggestions are welcome.
> -Rich-
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