[Seaside] Very long lived sessions

Martin J. Laubach mjl at laubach.at
Tue Feb 21 12:42:54 UTC 2006

  I'm thinking about doing a helpdesk support application using
seaside -- with that in mind, this means that the usual session
will last for about 8 hours, and needs a session timeout in that
range as to minimize the need to login (ie. they login in the morning
and then use the same session all over the day). Is that something
one needs to be concerned about?

  Will it accumulate a lot of cruft in memory just to support the
back button? As the helpdesk people won't usually use the back
button, is there a possibility to jettison older state information
(say older than 15min -- as opposed to the 8h session timeout), and
if they really go back there, will be redirected to some kind of main
menu page?

  As said, I'm not sure that is really relevant -- is it?



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