[Seaside] [ANN] Free Seaside-Hosting online

Adrian Lienhard adi at netstyle.ch
Wed Feb 22 08:05:27 UTC 2006

Hi all,

netstyle.ch and ESUG are pleased to finally announce the new Seaside  
hosting service located at
Seaside-Hosting is a free hosting service for non-commercial Seaside  
applications. This service provides a simple to use web interface  
with FTP access to set up and run your Seaside applications. It  
allows you to put your own application online within minutes. The  
service is a Seaside application and is itself running on Seaside- 
Hosting too.

Seaside-Hosting currently offers 128 MB of file-space for saving the  
Squeak web-application image and static files, e.g., pictures or  
style sheets which you want to use as part of your application.

For general discussion we propose to use the Seaside mailing list.  
For specific questions or problems please contact us directly at  
<seasidehosting at netstyle.ch>.

Adrian Lienhard
netstyle.ch GmbH, Terrassenweg 18, CH-3012 Bern
T +41 31 356 42 56, F +41 31 356 42 57
http://www.netstyle.ch  mailto:info at netstyle.ch

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