[Seaside] Dumb newbie problem with repeating a call/answer

Nevin Pratt nevin at bountifulbaby.com
Wed Feb 22 23:02:08 UTC 2006

>For all you new guys, you should really start using the Canvas API right
>off the bat, it's much easier to use and much more consistent than the
>old HtmlRendering API.
>The above would be something like...
> renderContentOn: html
> 	html text: 'foo = ', (foo asString); break.
> 	(html anchor) 
>          callback: [self setfoo];
>          text: 'set foo'.
>	html break.

The existance of an integrated image downloadable from www.seaside.st 
would certainly encourage use of the Canvas API.

Currently, the latest integrated image is based on Seaside 2.5 (eg, the 
old rendering API).  That could naturally lead one to suspect that 2.6 
(eg, the new canvas API) is not yet ready for prime time.

How about it, Avi?


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