[Seaside] Re: Application/Session Objects

Martin J. Laubach mjl at laubach.at
Wed Feb 22 23:37:21 UTC 2006

|  It seems to me that using the http req/resp as a transaction
|  boundary is an unnecessary and potentially limiting constraint.

  The problem is: even though you don't see the http req/resp
mechanism from your Seaside app, it still is there. And the user
may decide at any point to do something unexpected, like hitting
the back button, abandoning a session. So when your database
transaction spans multiple web pages and the user breaks out of
your planned path... *boom* you end up with left open transactions,
transaction starts in already open transactions and whatnot...

  I asked something similar some time ago, and the general consensus
was to do all database accesses in a single open transaction, do stuff,
close transaction manner.



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