[Seaside] Let me see if I understand correctly...(more DB pool, application/session stuff).

Rich Warren rwmlist at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 11:30:57 UTC 2006

I can have my components use a session subclass that I've created.  
Each user gets their own session object (more or less, assuming of  
course they don't have multiple browsers open, etc.). So, if I want  
all the sessions to access an application-global resource (for  
example, a connection pool for a database), I would need to either  
use a global variable (which I'm not sure how to do in SmallTalk) or  
use a singleton class (which seems better than the global option, but  
still has some problems).

Ideally I would like to subclass the application and have the  
application itself manage the global resource--but that does not seem  
to be a possibility within the seaside framework.

Am I missing something, or thinking about this the wrong way?

Thanks again, all your help has been incredibly useful up to this point.

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