[Seaside] Re: static image files

Jimmie Houchin jhouchin at cableone.net
Mon Feb 27 21:00:18 UTC 2006

David Shaffer wrote:
> Through an apache front end, ultimately.  Serving large files from
> Squeak is a bad idea on production systems...Squeak's file I/O blocks
> the entire VM (not just the Squeak process doing the I/O).  It works
> fine for small apps and images though.  Serving files from Kom is also
> the probably best config for development since it reduces the potential
> sources of problems.


Let me see if I understand correctly here.

Squeak's file I/O blocks, so any activity which requires file access 
impacts the performance.

What about the network I/O? Is it non-blocking?

Are there any significant problems when a request requires some 
time-consuming action before returning? Such as calling other servers 
web services. Does it negatively impact other requests?

Thanks for any wisdom or insight.


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