[Seaside] Let me see if I understand correctly...(more DB pool, application/session stuff).

Julian Fitzell julian at beta4.com
Tue Feb 28 01:54:46 UTC 2006

Just as a bit of history, there is a WAApplication class and there used 
to be UI for specifying a subclass to use for each entry point.  But 
nobody ever used it.  Everything was either session specific (session 
instance side) or specific to all applications that used one session 
subclass (class side of session) or shared across several 
"applications", in which case having other globals (whether they be 
singletons, classes, or whatever) made the most sense.

I believe you can still technically subclass WAApplication and 
programatically create an entry point with something like:

WADispatcher default registerEntryPoint: (MyApplicationSubclass new) at: 

but like I said, nobody seems to have found they need to do so and thus 
it's not really recommended (and certainly not tested) usage.


Ramon Leon wrote:
> You may want to check with Avi or Lucas, they'd know better, but I think
> that's what the main class config setting is, a single instance that
> acts as the application class.  Keeping stuff here would seem to be what
> you're looking for.
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>>correctly...(more DB pool,application/session stuff).
>>I can have my components use a session subclass that I've created.  
>>Each user gets their own session object (more or less, 
>>assuming of course they don't have multiple browsers open, 
>>etc.). So, if I want all the sessions to access an 
>>application-global resource (for example, a connection pool 
>>for a database), I would need to either use a global variable 
>>(which I'm not sure how to do in SmallTalk) or use a 
>>singleton class (which seems better than the global option, 
>>but still has some problems).
>>Ideally I would like to subclass the application and have the 
>>application itself manage the global resource--but that does 
>>not seem to be a possibility within the seaside framework.
>>Am I missing something, or thinking about this the wrong way?
>>Thanks again, all your help has been incredibly useful up to 
>>this point.
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