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Ramon Leon rleon at insario.com
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Well, you're getting at it, but what I want is for the scope to apply to all instances of that component, for that application instance only, hence needing to store it at application level, i.e. in the configuration.  Everything else you suggested would provide innappropriate scope.  Basically, I need the level just above session, application.  Configuration provides that, but not without pre creating it, no biggie, I'll just tuck a dictionary into a predefined slot in a configuration variable, I was just suprised to not find this already an option.


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You can just add an instance variable to the component, optionally
marking it for backtracking (or using a holder) if appropriate.  Or, if
it applies to all instances of that component, use a class variable. 
Or, if it applies only within one session, store it as an instance
method on a custom session class and access it from there within the

Does that answer the question or am I misunderstanding it?


Ramon Leon wrote:

>Hi, I'm trying to store some dynamic configuration data and having some
>problem figuring out how.  Is there a way to store application level
>configuration data, say a component remembering some settings, without
>having to predefine a special configuration class?  This data doesn't
>need to be seen or edited on the configuration screen, I just want a
>hash to stick component specific data dynamically.
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