[Seaside] Serving static graphics with comanche

Cédrick Béler cbeler at enit.fr
Tue Jan 3 12:53:55 CET 2006

>"processor hangs"? What Squeak and version of KomHttpServer do you use?
I tried on the 3.8 version and 3.9a-traits

KomHttpServer7.0.1 !! argh !! didn't see there were newer version for 
3.8 !!! it just works fine with the last version (7.0.3)      sorry !!!!

>Tutorials for KomHttpServer... can't really say that I know of any.
I found some old wiki pages that explain a bit how it works...

>But to play a bit with KomHttp I recommend installing HttpView2 on top
>of it and playing with the examples - read the class comments. HttpView2
>is a lightweight layer on top of KomHttpServer.
Ok done ;)

Thanks for all Göran


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