[Seaside] My progress with Seaside...

Ramon Leon rleon at insario.com
Wed Jan 4 17:48:52 CET 2006

> * Bandwidth.  Loading up the SUScriptLibrary for AJAX 
> support, I get another 120K worth of stuff that I just plain 
> don't need.  Yes, 95%+ browsers support AJAX, but half the 
> country is still on a modem!  The whole point of AJAX is to 
> make a snappy application!  I see two options to fix this: 
> meet my own requirements by returning to the V2.5 way of 
> doing things (i.e. manually port the much slimmer 2.5 AJAX 
> code), or write Javascript dependency graph analysis code 
> that only sends what you use (which is a nightmare without 
> some additional declarations).  REALLY, I'd like an "AJAX 
> lite" library that has all the handlers but none of the
> animation: is there a way to get 2.5 functionality back?
> Thanks,

I'm just curious why this is relevant since the browser should cache the
js file once it's been downloaded, it's not like that 120k goes down on
every hit?

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