[Seaside] My progress with Seaside...

Cédrick Béler cbeler at enit.fr
Wed Jan 4 18:26:12 CET 2006

>* <frameset>.  Right now there's really no good support for showing things
>in frames.  I had to override WARenderLoopMain, WARenderLoop,
>WARenderedHtmlRoot, and WARender in order to simply replace the <body> tag
>with <frameset>, and once I have done that, there is still no support for
>targetting different frames with callbacks and events.
I think they just don't want to use frame and actually I dont see the 
interest of having them (frames remind me old web sites I hate :) ). Why 
do you need them ? using CSS and layer cannot do the job ?

Anyway this make me wonder two questions:

Do WAFrameComponent and WANavigation play kind of the same role (as 
classic html frame) ?
it is in the category Seaside-Components-Frames...

Also, is it possible to make a callback in a new window ? or using 
multiple web pages to display a seaside application... I have no precise 
idea of an application but I think it could be useful...

See you

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