[Seaside] My progress with Seaside...

Blanchard, Todd tobl at amazon.com
Wed Jan 4 21:18:27 CET 2006

Just want to chime in that rendering speed is definitely becoming a problem for me.

http://www.blackbagops.net/seaside/html?url=http://www.amazon.com takes almost a minute to load, nearly all of that is rendering time (this is probably a pathological case).

You can try it with smaller web pages and its pretty snappy and the download/analysis time is pretty quick when done from the workspace.


Since the big bright colored part is pretty much static, I'm considering trying to render that to a buffer and then cache it.  Digging through WARenderCanvas hasn't shown me a straightforward way to do this though.

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On Jan 4, 2006, at 9:44 AM, Jeremy Shute wrote:
> It "feels" slow, but according to the numbers, it's the same.  I've 
> got to investigate why.

I suspect this is for one of two reasons, probably a combination of

- Comanche doesn't offer a way to stream output back to the browser; the entire response has to be generated before the browser sees any of it.

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