[Seaside] HTTP server streaming (was My progress with Seaside...)

Janko Mivšek janko.mivsek at eranova.si
Thu Jan 5 11:10:11 CET 2006

Dear all,

Streaming on a HTTP 1.1 servers is a bit more difficult than on old 1.0 
ones because a TCP connection stays open during many HTTP requests. To 
know when each request ends, it must therefore report an exact length 
and this is the reason why we need the entire response in advance before 
sending to a client.

But there is also a solution around: see HTTP 1.1 standard 
http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2616.txt, section 3.6 Transfer Codings. It 
seems that "chunked" transfer coding enables streaming!

Best regards

goran at krampe.se wrote:
> Avi Bryant <avi.bryant at gmail.com> wrote:
>>- Comanche doesn't offer a way to stream output back to the browser;  
>>the entire response has to be generated before the browser sees any  
>>of it.  With google, the browser is getting the top of the page  
>>immediately and can start showing it to you.  That makes a big  
>>difference in perceived speed.
> If anyone has code for this, feel free to email me. I haven't checked
> the standard - should the server do something special for streaming, or
> is it just a matter of coding it up so we can pump it back continuously?
> If so I could perhaps make a stab at it.
> regards, Göran

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