[Seaside] Rails and Seaside

Jeremy Shute shutej at crazilocks.com
Fri Jan 6 20:34:17 CET 2006

Yeah, this is a drawback for me, not an advantage.

I have come to admit that I build great code and ugly sites.  With
Seaside, I'm 99.9% sure my sites will remain ugly.  There is a HUGE
advantage in being able to hand a designer an HTML file that their copy of
Dreamweaver understands.


> I'm a total newbie to Seaside but still wonder if its founders might
> concede
> legitimate drawbacks to the adopted UI-rendering approach, i.e., embedding
> HTML layout (nicely OO-ified) in Snalltalk code. Or is "Turtles All the
> Way
> Down" just too compelling?
> Robert.
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>> I think Avi nailed it pretty well in his "Turtles All The Way
>> Down" post.
>> http://www.cincomsmalltalk.com/userblogs/avi/blogView?showComm
> ents=true&entry=3284695382
>> Its not just the language, it's the environment.
>> I love the seaside method of finding/fixing problems.
>> Program halts, ugly web page shows, click debug, switch
>> windows, find problem, fix, click proceed, switch to
>> Monticello window, save out new version to web based
>> repository.  At no time did the app go down or did I wait for
>> some reinitialization.  I also love that I can wander around
>> with my project (2 files .image and .changes) and 3 VMs on a
>> keychain and work on it wherever.
>> Now if we just had a better database story...
> Yup, that's why Seaside's got me, no matter the problem, I fix it in one
> language, Smalltalk.  I get paid to work in ASP.net, and let me tell
> you, I'm so sick of having to work in and constantly switch back and
> forth between HTML, XSLT, XML, C# and SQL, all so I can do 10x the work
> I'd have to do in Squeak to get an app that's half as cool and takes way
> long to write.
> Ruby reduces the syntactic annoyances, but it keeps all the
> environmental annoyances, it's the same old architecture, lot's of text
> files, HTML templating, SQL, same old stuff, just on a diet, it's
> evolution.  Seaside is revolution, a new better way.  Ruby is the bridge
> by which Java/C# programmers can approach Smalltalk without losing their
> minds, so it only helps Smalltalk in the long run.  In the mean time,
> Seaside is a secret weapon, I don't mind it staying that way.
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