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Wilkes Joiner wilkesjoiner at gmail.com
Fri Jan 6 21:13:55 CET 2006


Here are some classes that I added to generate a static site from
seaside.  The goal was to generate something a web designer could look
at and help with the CSS, and I needed to generate a static site that
could be run on any web server.  I grabbed the code from this mailing
list from a post by Avi and tweaked it a little bit for my specific
needs.  I think it was a thread about sending a page as an email
attachment.  It is just enough to do what I needed to do, but you
could shape into what you need.

As Avi pointed out, you could have a web designer just edit the css
for the site.  They could do this all within the browser with the
halo's turned on and using the source view and css style editor.

- Wilkes

On 1/6/06, Avi Bryant <avi.bryant at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Jan 6, 2006, at 11:34 AM, Jeremy Shute wrote:
> > Yeah, this is a drawback for me, not an advantage.
> >
> > I have come to admit that I build great code and ugly sites.  With
> > Seaside, I'm 99.9% sure my sites will remain ugly.  There is a HUGE
> > advantage in being able to hand a designer an HTML file that their
> > copy of
> > Dreamweaver understands.
> I'm attaching two screenshots hastily grabbed from my current Dabble
> development image.  The HTML is identical for both; the first is how
> it looks coming straight out of Seaside, the second is with some
> external CSS applied.  Notice much difference?
> This is one of the areas where I allow myself to be opinionated.
> Developers *should* be producing ugly (and therefore simple and
> semantic) HTML.  A modern web designer's job isn't to modify that,
> but to provide a stylesheet that makes that identical ugly HTML look
> beautiful in the browser.  If your designer doesn't know how to work
> that way, I strongly suggest that you find one who can (or I can put
> you in touch with some).
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