[Seaside] Rails and Seaside

Ramon Leon rleon at insario.com
Sat Jan 7 00:51:44 CET 2006

> > However, the rigors of
> > HTML::Template ensure that no one "slips" logic into the 
> > "presentation"
> > layer.
> Those arguments have never convinced me.  It seems to me you have two
> choices: either your templating language is close to being 
> Turing- complete, in which case you're encouraging 
> programming with a vastly inferior language to whatever the 
> rest of your app is in, or your templating language is so 
> restrictive that certain complex layouts are simply 
> impossible to express in it.  To use another example from 
> Dabble, I *really* wouldn't want to see the template for 
> nested grouping like this: http://dabbledb.com/about/billable.php .
> Avi

nil true false self super | $ # ! () [] '' : := ^ .

One Syntax to rule them all
One Syntax to find them
One Syntax to bring them all
And in the darkness bind them

Ok, silly, but it makes the point, it's a pain in the ass to use HTML,
XML, XSLT, some language of your choice, and SQL to build web sites.
Smalltalk's syntax is capable of representing the same structure as each
of those, so why not just work with one language top to bottom, as Avi
puts it, turtles all the way down.  Templates suck!  Context switching
your brain between 5 different languages sucks!  One language, fully
capable, with the best damn development environment to be found vs. 5
languages, mostly crippled, all with vastly inferior IDE's in most
respects.  Choice seems pretty obvious.

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