[Seaside] new user curious about use of GLORP with Seaside on Squeak 3.8

Michael Kohout mwkohout at gmail.com
Sun Jan 8 22:01:55 CET 2006


I've been curious about and have dabbled in Smalltalk in general (and
Squeak in particular) for a while but only recently I've become aware
of Seaside.  From what I can tell, for the most part I like it and
have decided to write a proof of concept application for my
department.  My largest requirement for this proof of concept is that
I can use some Object Relational Mapping system that works for
Postgres(development) and Oracle(production).

To this end, I decided to try using GLORP, but I can't get the
required Postgres client(v 0.9.2) to install into my image.

If there is a patched version of this client, or some other postgres
client out there could someone point it out?

What is the most common pattern for Seaside applications?  What do you
use to persist stuff to a relational database?

thanks for any insight you can provide.
Mike Kohout
Software Engineer
Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

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