[Seaside] Re: new user curious about use of GLORP with Seaside on Squeak 3.8

Yanni Chiu yanni at rogers.com
Mon Jan 9 06:04:53 CET 2006

Michael Kohout wrote:
> ... My largest requirement for this proof of concept is that
> I can use some Object Relational Mapping system that works for
> Postgres(development) and Oracle(production).

Be sure to take the proof of concept right through
to using Oracle, because you might have a problem.
IIRC, the GLORP port to Squeak only supports Postgres.
But this news is a year or so old. Check with the
owner of the GLORP port, to be sure.

> To this end, I decided to try using GLORP, but I can't get the
> required Postgres client(v 0.9.2) to install into my image.

What steps did you follow, and what Squeak version?
How did the install of Postgres fail? (I hope it's
not a bad URL. I tried to fix all the references, after
my ISP forced all their member pages to change.)

Also, the last time I looked, the GLORP port mentioned
some Postgres patches. I've not looked at them, but
hopefully someday, I'll update the release.

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