[Seaside] new user curious about use of GLORP with Seaside on Squeak 3.8

Michael Kohout mwkohout at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 23:15:19 CET 2006

mostly 'cuz it's already there.  we have a couple hundred thousand students
in the system.  and we have to integrate with desktop apps that use the
oracle database as a data store.

and as a general rule the less any change requires outside of itself the
more likely it is to be implemented.   Thus the success of J2EE-on some
level I can connect to anything using it.
Integration to legacy is, for us, requirement #1.

On 1/10/06, Jeremy Shute <shutej at crazilocks.com> wrote:
> Pop quiz: you want to use Oracle because...
> A. All Oracle benchmarks have to be passed by Oracle, meaning their
> performance results are TOTALLY unbiased...
> B. When there's a bug in Oracle, you can't find it and you sure as hell
> can't fix it.
> C. Expensive things are necessarily better, even when they're not yours
> (because you can only afford to lease, not buy).
> D. What the heck am I talking about?  You never said you want to use
> Oracle!
> Maaaybe you should consider whether any other architecture could suit your
> needs, like maybe SleepyCat or, God Forbid, flat files?  I've never met a
> person who really needed Oracle, only people who didn't understand the
> principles of cacheing, memory heirarchy, and atomicity through logging...
> People who THINK they need Oracle.
> Jeremy
> > On Sun, 8 Jan 2006, Todd Blanchard wrote:
> >
> >> If using oracle with glorp is a hard requirement for you, you will want
> >> to
> >> use the seaside port on VisualWorks where the glorp implementation
> >> supports
> >> many more databases.  Glorp on squeak is postgres only.
> >
> > Glorp on squeak is postgres only because as far as I know there's no
> > interface for oracle available for squeak. Same for the rest of the
> > databases that work with VW glorp. Glorp works on top of a database
> > connect/driver. (Of course, even if squeak had oracle drivers I would
> most
> > likely ignore it since I don't hate myself enough to install oracle on
> my
> > puter. But maybe someone else does)
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