[Seaside] [OT] Case insensitive comparison not stable ?

Francois Beausoleil francois.beausoleil at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 16:18:30 CET 2006

Hello everyone !

I know this is off-topic, but at least recognize a few names here :)

Anyway, I can't seem to sort a set of objects represented by names
case insensitively.  Here's what I have at the moment (some methods
omitted for brevity):

Object subclass: #Author
  instanceVariableNames: 'name email messages'
  classVariableNames: ''
  poolDictionaries: ''
  category: 'Message-Board-Model'!

<= other
  ^ name caseInsensitiveLessOrEqual: (other name)

Set subclass: #AuthorRepository
  instanceVariableNames: ''
  classVariableNames: ''
  poolDictionaries: ''
  category: 'Message-Board-Model'!

  ^ SortedCollection new addAll: self.

If I repeatedly "Do it" the following in the Workspace, I see the
names jumping around.  Also, most of the time, Stefanny is on top,
instead of Francois ?

ar := AuthorRepository new.
ar add: (Author new name: 'francois').
ar add: (Author new name: 'stefanny').
ar add: (Author new name: 'Kelly-anne').
Transcript clear.
ar sortedByName do: [:author | Transcript show: author name; cr.]

So, what am I doing wrong here ?  I'm on Squeak 3.8.  Also, for the
future, where should I be asking questions like that ?  Squeak-dev ?

Thanks !
François Beausoleil

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