[Seaside] Configuration

Julian Fitzell julian at beta4.com
Thu Jan 12 18:13:38 CET 2006

Well, no, I think it was somewhat stalled even in 2.5.  The idea was to 
make it easier to specify configuration in files so that the same image 
could be deployed on a test server and a live server for example, or a 
new image could be deployed in place and take up the configuration the 
previous image was using.

We wanted to make it easy to define site-wide preferences and then have 
applications be able to override individual options.

The inheritance was there but we never really got to the file part and 
never had a good UI for dealing with these inherited properties so it 
never got used.  Avi was talking about stripping down the inheritance 
model and making it simpler but to be honest I'm not sure where, if 
anywhere, that got to.


Brian Brown wrote:
> On Jan 2, 2006, at 4:58 PM, Julian Fitzell wrote:
>> Well, you used to be able to subclass Application but I have a  
>> feeling this was deprecated in favour of subclassing session and  
>> renderloop... The new configuration stuff never really got fully  
>> fleshed out...
> So the 2.5 configuration stuff was being reworked for 2.6, but is  
> somewhat stalled? Or is that not really going to be a feature in 2.6?
> I never used the 2.5 stuff, but now I would like to ;)
> Brian
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