[Seaside] Re: Rails and Seaside

Yanni Chiu yanni at rogers.com
Fri Jan 13 16:47:07 CET 2006

Diego Fernandez wrote:
> I think that the Squeak "look" is only a minor problem, the main problem 
> is stability and usability.

Stability? In over 5 years, I've only had an image crash,
or have had to kill the image at most a dozen times.

Usability? I've gotten used to the way things work. In fact,
I often find other Smalltalks lack Squeak's features.

> The environment has lot of "small" annoying bugs, and if you have a 
> "image crash" there is not an easy way to recover the last changes like 
> in ENVY.

Recovering from the changes file is pretty easy, if you
save your image often enough. Of course, with ENVY, you
can just re-load your open edition.

Here's a common situation with ENVY, which can happen if
you don't save your image often enough. You create a new
application after your last save. After an image crash,
you have no indication you need to load that application.
(If you had added the application to a configuration map,
upon creating it, then you would have a simple re-load.)
The bottomline is that you have to save your image often,
to make recovery easier - whether you have the changes file
or ENVY.

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