[Seaside] config page questions

Todd Blanchard tblanchard at mac.com
Sat Jan 14 10:41:30 CET 2006

I'm using mod_proxy with apache 1.3 and the absolute urls being  
produced don't work.

I have a server www.blackbagops.net, I set mod_proxy to proxy  
www.blackbagops.net/seaside to

The links for "configure" and "remove" in the main config page are  
all and don't work unless I'm  
actually on the machine - remote config is not possible unless I set  
the server to www.blackbagops.net in config's configure page.  But if  
I do that, I can't take this image to another machine and do anything  
with it because I can't figure out how to clear out those prefs.  Its  
kind of a catch-22.

Apache doesn't rewrite the urls in the page to match and doesn't work unless you happen to be on the host.

On Jan 13, 2006, at 1:51 AM, Avi Bryant wrote:

> On Jan 12, 2006, at 8:56 AM, Blanchard, Todd wrote:
>> While we are discussing the config page/app, I thought I'd share a  
>> little annoyance.
>> Many urls in seaside for links/form posts/etc are generated as  
>> absolute urls.  This means moving an image to another machine is  
>> virtually impossible if you've set the server name in the config app.
>> Was this a conscious choice?  Having all the urls be relative  
>> would make things a lot nicer WRT deploying the same image to  
>> multiple machines.
> I'm a little bit confused; if you're ok with them being relative,  
> why set the server name at all?  That option is there precisely for  
> the case where you want to force Seaside to produce specific  
> absolute URLs (for example, because something is choking on  
> relative URLs in the Location: header of a 302 response, which is  
> technically not proper HTTP).
> I do tend to use absolute URLs in my deployments because I've been  
> bitten enough times by problems from keeping them relative, but I  
> have to admit that it's a bit cargo cultish by now - I couldn't  
> tell you without actually trying exactly where the problems lie.   
> One thing that I did do recently is have Seaside grab the server  
> name and port automatically from the HOST header if they're not  
> explicitly set.  If you're either running Comanche directly on port  
> 80, or have your proxy configured to pass through the HOST header  
> unchanged (ProxyPreserveHost in Apache 2.0), then this will give  
> you correct absolute URLs without any manual configuration.
> Avi
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