[Seaside] Marketing: default CSS?

Jeremy Shute shutej at crazilocks.com
Wed Jan 18 23:39:30 CET 2006

To distill the content of this article to one sentence (so you don't have
to click on the broken link to read the old news dressed up in new

"In [...] one-twentieth of a second [...] people make aesthetic judgments

That's about one frame of television.  Ever catch a meme about subliminal
messaging being slipped into your movies, like roofies?  Same idea.

People cannot REACT in one twentieth of a second -- this is why drag race
"Christmas trees" have yellow lights, to allow anticipation.  The RESULT
is what I care about (does the user reach for the back button?), and
that's not what's being measured here...


> The article "The Importance of Being Pretty" <http://www.wired.com/
> news/technology/0,70037-0.html> seems relevant to this discussion.
> Rick
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