[Seaside] Getting profiling info from Seaside in a VW environment..

Michel Bany m.bany at wanadoo.fr
Tue Jan 24 09:26:03 CET 2006

Rick F. a écrit :

>I've got Seaside running under VW 7.4 and don't see the feature that I
>saw under Squeak which was to show the profiling information for a page
>once the halos were toggled.. Does this feature require some extra turn-on
>to get it enabled?  I saw it by default in Squeak but can't seem to find
>it on VW's bundled version..  Any ideas?
Hi Rick,
This feature is currently restricted to Squeak, it has not been 
translated into
the VW equivalent. Sorry for that. This is probably not too difficult to do,
using the AT Profiling stuff.
You may want to research this subject and contribute.

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