[Seaside] Seaside page design question

Bruno BB (st) smalltalk at adinet.com.uy
Thu Jan 26 15:38:07 CET 2006


> I.e. you just hardcode what your Dreamweaver designer provide
> 'as is' into Seaside. This is quick and easy to see page rendered.
> But gives you a complete mess in terms of support later.
> I personally don't recommend to do it for long term project.
> Just asking your question and saying 'Yes, it is possible'.

Thanks for this answer.

> Note, that in this way you completely missed the power of seaside. So 
> either
> you need another tool, or you have not get concept of seaside yet.

I do the web functionality and the designers (who do not know anything 
about Smalltalk) create  the  page skin.
This is my context.
But  if it can be done with CSS it's ok to me.

regards bruno

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