[Seaside] Re: Automatic Object Storage To MySQL

Blanchard, Todd tobl at amazon.com
Thu Jan 26 18:11:38 CET 2006

I just saw a demo in person and the speaker's mantra was "Favor Convention over Configuration".  IOW, they have meta model files written in xml, but you only have to specify the bits that don't follow the convention - like if you have an oddly named field that needs to be called something else in code. For instance, it assumes every primary key field is called 'id'.  You can change that per table if you want to.  

Everything else is inferred.

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William Harford wrote:
> On of the core ideas of the project is to limit the amount of work a 
> developer has to do.
I recently watched the Ruby on Rails movie, and AFAICT it seems to read the database each time the system runs, to generate the needed meta-data.

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