[Seaside] liveCallBack and spanNamed bug

Florian Minjat florian.minjat at emn.fr
Mon Jan 30 17:46:45 CET 2006

I just loaded Seaside2.6a2 but didn't find any SeasideAsync-mb.22 on 
As far as I understand, the liveCallBack stuff has been removed from 
the 2.6a2 version of Seaside. But after playing a while, I don't see 
how to get the same behavior with the new api.
Is there a document describing the differences between 2.5 and 2.6a ?


Bany, Michel wrote:
> Not a bug, but a lacking feature.
> You need to use a better version of Seaside for achieving this.
> Try with Seaside2.5b8-mb.34.mcz from squeaksource.
> Or try with Seaside2.6a2-mb.106.mcz together with
> SeasideAsync-mb.22.mcz.
> Best luck,
> Michel.
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>> Hi,
>>    I am running Squeak3.8g-6548 with DynamicBindings (1.2), 
>> KomServices (1.1.2), KomHttpServer (7.0.3) and Seaside (2.5).
>>    I have strange behavior with liveCallBack and multi 
>> spanNamed. When I put several spanNamed:with: in a 
>> LiveCallBack, the first one works fine, modifying the 
>> existing span, but the second one is written immediatly after 
>> the first one, instead of modifying the existing one (and 
>> there are two span with the same Id).
>>    There is an exemple in attachement.
>>    Any idea why the second spanNamed replacement is not working ?
>>    Thanks in advance,
>> Florian

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