[Seaside] Re: GLORP

Jeremy Shute shutej at crazilocks.com
Sat Jul 1 12:01:02 UTC 2006

Actually, I see these warnings but my tables appear.  If your tables are
not appearing AND you're getting those error messages, hmmm...  :-(

I will have time to load a fresh image and try cryptography again over the
long weekend, I think.


> Jeremy Shute wrote:
>> Cross PROBLEM 3 off.  Using #constructAllClasses instead of
>> #allClassNames
>> was the solution to that one.  The other ones are still (minor) problems
>> that I'd like to help fix if I could...
> Jeremy -- did you ever find a solution to #2?  I'm seeing the same thing
> in my updated test code
> now that I've consolidated all of my descriptors -- I see the following
> logged to my Postgresql
> status log :
> NOTICE:  CREATE TABLE will create implicit sequence
> "auditlog_org_id_seq" for serial column "auditlog.org_id"
> NOTICE:  CREATE TABLE / PRIMARY KEY will create implicit index
> "auditlog_pk" for table "auditlog"
> NOTICE:  CREATE TABLE / PRIMARY KEY will create implicit index
> "categories_pk" for table "categories"
> I believe these are being done during the create loop I've got for all
> of my test tables (which looks pretty much
> like the code you posted earlier for dropping and then re-creating
> tables) and it keeps me from having ANY
> tables in Postgres which then causes my unit tests to fail -- below is
> the list of available tables in PSQL :
> myscrip=> \d
> No relations found.
> Is it safe to assume that the above notices are confusing Glorp as Yanni
> suggested?
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