[Seaside] [Q] Subclassing WAComponent or WACompound?

"S.J.Chun" chunsj at embian.com
Sun Jul 2 02:54:30 UTC 2006


I'm currently developing project manamgent application(simple, just for learning seaside and its canvas api) and want to create date selector widget(?) with 
calendar support - I mean attaching small button toggling calendar to date input tag. I first tried and make it work with subclassing WAComponent which 
has two subcomponent: date input and mini calendar. But this does break the style - original code can be written like this

html dateInput value: self project dueDate; callback: [ :v | self project dueDate: v ]

but modified code be written like this

html render: dueDateEditor

so, here comes the question, which is better case, subclassing WACompoent or create a new tag for new widget by subclassing WACompound?

Thanks in advance.

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