[Seaside] Writing a book on Seaside

Damien Cassou damien.cassou at laposte.net
Sun Jul 2 07:15:43 UTC 2006

Mark Aufflick wrote:
> Looks great! As a smalltalk and seaside newby (and currently lite user
> - unless someone hires me for a seaside project any time soon ;) I'd
> be happy to do proofing etc.

I've planned to post here when I update the book so that everybody can 
follow its evolution.

> My first comments on your outline are:
> In the "what problems does it solve" section, I would talk about
> business model mapping as well - some how tie in a discussion of how
> the problems with traditional web application development paradigns
> have not only technical limitations, but also make business problem
> mapping weaknesses.

What do you mean by 'model mapping' ? Are you talking about 
Domain-Driven design ?

> In the "how to get started" section, I would suggest that either you,
> or someone you can collaborate with, creates a one step installer. It
> would be very easy since all you really need to do is make a
> pre-prepared squeak image (with seaside, plus all your sample code)
> and bundle that in with a runtime. You would also want to make it easy
> to run as a daemon/service as well as in gui mode. A good idea might
> be for the default image to run two servers - one being a basic
> seaside install (with scriptaculous etc) and the other being the
> finished product of all the examples in your book.

We plan to prepare an image with everything installed and ready to use 
for the reader. Your comment gives new idea on what to put in the image, 
thank you.

> I think the idea of going for a whole app (the blog) first and then
> discussing continutions etc. afterwards is great. Once people see the
> blog working it will really help them to "get" it.

I' trying to be as didactic as possible and I thought it was a good idea 
to make things work and then explain the 'how' !

Thank you for your comments

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