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Mark Aufflick mark-st at aufflick.com
Mon Jul 3 05:48:26 UTC 2006

On 7/2/06, Damien Cassou <damien.cassou at laposte.net> wrote:
> What do you mean by 'model mapping' ? Are you talking about
> Domain-Driven design ?

I was talking about the more generic issue that many software projects
get into a state where the business model simply cannot be implemented
with what the designers/developers have produced. Domain driven design
is certainly one way to avoid that outcome (probably the best way),
but any design/project methodology that is going to be successful will
always be easier to realise with an environment like

> We plan to prepare an image with everything installed and ready to use
> for the reader. Your comment gives new idea on what to put in the image,
> thank you.

Great. One of the real boosts to the initial Ruby on Rails launch was
those screencasts that people could follow and have a website running
from scratch (that they coded) in only 20 minutes.

> I' trying to be as didactic as possible and I thought it was a good idea
> to make things work and then explain the 'how' !

Not only is that a good general approach, it is also the best to
showcase the advantage of an environment like smalltalk (or Ruby) over
something like a standard Java environment.

I look forward to seeing what comes next!

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