[Seaside] request for documentation and tutorials as screencasts

Martin Schubert mtin79 at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 3 12:50:14 UTC 2006

hey out there,
i am just wondering if there are any screencasts available for  
squeak, seaside or magma. i am more and more using (viewing) and  
learning things especially about software or ide-usage via  
screencasts. i think they are much faster to produce, more fun and  
easier to learn from! maybe some squeak gurus and documentation  
maintainers could offer some insights on :

screencast for newbies and best practices about :
	- set up a work environment for daily use which extends the basic  
squeak image with productivity tools loaded via  
squeakMapPackageLoader or monticello repository (tabbed system  
browser, gui tweaks, inspector usage, ...)

screencast for seaside or/and magma usage :
	- install the latest development realeases of seaside (magma); use  
the canvas api versus the old rendering; deployment; css;

in general this is just a request or recommendation; i could be an  
idea to sponsor good screencast or documentation via paypal donation?!

best regards from the wm-crazy-soccer-country germany.

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