[Seaside] Lost halo tool icons: Works in 2.5, lost in 2.6

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Mon Jul 3 23:56:25 UTC 2006

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> > From: "Ramon Leon" <ramon.leon at allresnet.com> If you're new to 
> > Smalltalk, one big tip is to always keep a fresh image 
> lying around so 
> > you can start over easily anytime you hose an image, 
> which'll happen 
> > quite often at first, till you learn how to take care of one.
> Thanks Ramon. I would certainly like to learn very quickly 
> about this. Do you mean just keeping a single image file 
> (like Squeak3.8-6665full.image) aside as a read-only copy, 
> and start over with it when absolutely necessary?
> I did a bunch of re-installs (brute force) and am pretty sure 
> I am in a pristine state.
> When I run squeak and load up the Squeak 2.5 package, the 
> halo tools are back (yay!).
> When I run the Seaside2.6.image the halo tools disappear.
> Could someone else with Seaside2.6 check if it works OK for 
> them? I am on XP, in case that is relevant (I sure hope not).

Oh, and btw, a quick way to setup a clean Seaside image, is to install the
Magritte package from SqueakMap, it'll load the latest Seaside and all it's
dependencies for you totally hands off, you can thank Lucas for that.

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