[Seaside] seaside and apache

redblue last redblueuser at gmail.com
Thu Jul 6 04:15:22 UTC 2006

> Here's my local development setup, works great...
> <VirtualHost *:80>
>      ServerAdmin ramon.leon at sentorsa.com
>      ServerName localhost
>      RewriteEngine On
>      ProxyVia Block
>      ProxyPreserveHost On
>      RewriteCond C:/Inetpub/websites/%{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
>      RewriteRule ^/(.*)$ http://localhost:90/seaside/pier/$1 [P,L]
> </VirtualHost>
> Apache serves static files if they exist, else forwards the request to a
> seaside app.

When you click "Toggle Halos" and then go to "System Browser" does it
work properly ? With your setup if I click on any of the classes I get
a 502 Proxy Error "Error reading from remote server"

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