[Seaside] How to get current seaside?

itsme213 itsme213 at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 6 20:11:13 UTC 2006

> From: "Ramon Leon" <ramon.leon at allresnet.com>
>> Is there a more current version of Seaside? What is a good
>> way to stay more current? To figure out which versions of
>> what to install?
>> Thanks for any pointers.
> Go to squeaksource.com and setup a monticello repository for Seaside so 
> you
> can pull down the latest version.

Ramon, thank you once again.

I started reading up on monticello and it looks lovely (and intimidating). 
Should my "dummies" version look like this?

- Open the Monticello browser in squeak
- select the repository http://squeaksource.com/Seaside
- Click "Open"
- Select the Seaside2.6a3 package (?) in the left pane of the repo browser
- Pick one of the versions on the right hand version list
- Load it

- if happy, save the image

Or do I actually need to create an account, project, etc. on squeaksource?

Many thanks.

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