[Seaside] How to get current seaside?

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Thu Jul 6 20:20:47 UTC 2006

> Ramon, thank you once again.
> I started reading up on monticello and it looks lovely (and 
> intimidating). 
> Should my "dummies" version look like this?
> - Open the Monticello browser in squeak
> - select the repository http://squeaksource.com/Seaside
> - Click "Open"
> - Select the Seaside2.6a3 package (?) in the left pane of the 
> repo browser
> - Pick one of the versions on the right hand version list
> - Load it
> - if happy, save the image
> Or do I actually need to create an account, project, etc. on 
> squeaksource?

Nope, you got it, do just what you said.  Look around, most projects are
hosted here so this is where you can get the latest of many of them.  Load
blows away any changes to the code you've made, good for now, later on, when
you get brave and start changing things, you'll merge in the latest code
rather than loading it.  Be sure to read comments on the packages you load,
when you get a new version, and if feeling curious, hit changes and look at
the actual changes before loading them, this will help you pickup the
framework better over time.  All the guys who work on Seaside, Pier, and
other related projects are great programmers, lots to learn just from
reading the code.

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