[Seaside] Re: 2.6 bug: tool icons do not show up in halo

Boris Popov boris at deepcovelabs.com
Sat Jul 8 02:25:50 UTC 2006

Quick look at the issue reveals that GIFReadWriter is absent from the image, which is being referred to in the Form>>asWebImage to feed the browser proper bytes for these icons. I'm not too familiar with Squeak, so you'd have to wait for others to chime in and suggest where you can get GIFReadWriter.
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I too am having the same problem.  I just loaded  Seaside 2.6 (I got it from
here http://www.seaside.st/Download/Images/ ) and when  I run it, the tool
icons do not show up.

I am using Win XP.


"itsme213" <itsme213 at hotmail.com> wrote in message
news:BAY108-DAV3B6FC8DD03B1B2EB6EF6B99710 at phx.gbl...
> Using the ready 2.6 image on seaside.st - the tool icons do not show up in
> the halo. The <img> tags are in the page source, so it may be a path
> problem.
> I verified this on a clean image/install (after spending a long time
> around thinking I had messed up some configuration).
> Is it OK to post here? I could not find a bugs page.
> Thanks.

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