[Seaside] html images

Ramon Leon ramonleon at cox.net
Sun Jul 9 16:22:37 UTC 2006

> I have some code that generates html with an embedded image <IMG>.  I have
> tried two ways of doing this:
> Option 1.   html imageWithForm: (ImageReadWriter formFromFileNamed: fn).
> Option 2.   html image: fn.
> where 'fn' is the pathname of the jpg file in my filesystem, e.g.,
> "/foo/bar.jpg".
> When I use Option 1, the resulting image is very grainy - almost unusable.
> Option 2 produces good results.  I am trying to figure out why this is the
> case.
> Why is it that ImageReadWriter produces such a poor image when compared to
> the exact file being served by the httpserver?
> I would appreciate any clues or pointers.
> Thanks,
> Frank

Just to point out an issue, if the image comes out grainy, it's likely 
the display depth is set at 16 bit instead of 32 bit, kick up squeaks 
display depth and this won't happen.  I ran into the same issue when 
using PieChart's and PlotMorph's.  Look in the world menu under 
appearance/display depth.

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