[Seaside] Design question for Seaside applications

Romain Robbes romain.robbes at lu.unisi.ch
Mon Jul 10 14:25:42 UTC 2006

Il giorno Jul 10, 2006, alle ore 12:22 PM, Damien Cassou ha scritto:

> Hello Romain,
> Romain Robbes wrote:
>> Is there something preventing you to have the content calling the  
>> editor?
>> It would seem simpler to me, plus it enforces using call/answer.
> What would be the content component then ? How do I use it from the  
> application ? This can be a Task that I pass messages to from the  
> application and then it changes it states and call different kind  
> of components. Is it what you are talking about ?

The content could be anything. It could be something like this:

MenuComponent>>#renderContentOn: html
	"render stuff"
	html anchorWithAction: [application menuCallBackForEditor] text:  
'edit blog'.
	"renter stuff"

	result := content call: BlogEditor new.
	"do whatever with result"

It seems easier to proceed like this rather than manually modifying  
the structure of the page,
and having the editor call a method on the application.
This way, not every content component has to know everything about  
the application, thus increasing reusablity.
That might not be a very important in that case, but it shows the  
general mindset of having component decoupled as much as possible
so that they can be reused afterwards.


> Thanks
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Romain Robbes

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