[Seaside] Ajax live updates

Ramon Leon ramonleon at cox.net
Wed Jul 12 05:41:17 UTC 2006

> Yes, this could work. However updating the UI also means that you
> render anchors, form elements or new AJAX callbacks that register new
> action handlers. Since an AJAX request uses the same rendering context
> as the initial rendering this would again lead to a bunch of
> concurrency issues. As far as I understand it would require many
> changes to the Seaside core framework to make rendering/registering
> callbacks thread save.
> Avi, what about a roadmap for Seaside 3? :-)
> Cheers,
> Lukas

It could mean that, for sure, but in my case, I'm actually just wanting 
to bring extra text into the UI, hotel room prices actually, to allow a 
user to select a rate.  Grabbing most hotel info is quick, I have a 
local copy of the data, but getting prices takes calls to other systems 
via web services that can take upwards of 10 or more seconds at times, 
hence my wanting to grab them asynchronously and Ajax them in when 
available.  I'd be perfectly happy even with the restriction of 
rendering non form data that has no effect on the state of the form 
postback, no callbacks, no links, just extra info in front of the users 
eyes.  I'll spend some time reading the code in Comet, hopefully I'll 
come up with something.

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