[Seaside] Ajax live updates

Ramon Leon ramonleon at cox.net
Wed Jul 12 06:42:01 UTC 2006

>> Now I understand your problem, thanks for the example. The simples and
>> safest workaround (without messing with the internals of Seaside) is
>> probably to do the AJAX request within a different session.
> Or create a custom subclass of WASession and override the method
> #incomingRequest: with something like:
> incomingRequest: aRequest
>     ^ aRequest isXMLHttpRequest
>         ifTrue: [ self responseForRequest: aRequest ]
>         ifFalse: [ super incomingRequest: aRequest ]
> If this is an AJAX call the request is directly processed, else the
> request is scheduled trough the monitor of the default implementation.
> Though, this is dangerous and has the potential to break your system:
> any request can be made to answer true to #isXMLHttpRequest.
> Lukas

This looks interesting, I'll explore it, any suggestion on how to do the 
Ajax request on a different session, and immediately expire the session 
to avoid the overhead of it hanging around?

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