[Seaside] Ajax live updates

Lukas Renggli renggli at gmail.com
Thu Jul 13 05:16:56 UTC 2006

> OK, I've had no luck with this approach, seems to be too many
> assumptions about session having a current request, then updater not
> being able to find its current session.  Messing with the guts of
> Seaside is just beyond me right now, to many things I don't yet grok
> about the continuations and callbacks and how it all fits together.

Yes, there are so many places where 'session-state' is mixed with
'request-state' that it is hard to see why it exactly breaks.

> renderContentOn: html
>    html div id: #price; with: 'searching...'
>    html script:
>      (html updater id: aName; asyncCallback: [:r |
>        (Delay forSeconds: 10) wait. "fake long running process"
>        r div id: #price; with: DateAndTime now])
> and have asyncCallback somehow get a url that comes back on a new
> session to prevent blocking, and immediately expire that session after
> rendering so it doesn't hand around for 20 minutes.  Anyone? Anyone?

Mhh, this is sort of streaming that you do. I doubt it will work
reliable, even if Seaside would sopport multiple requests per session
(proxy-, client-timeouts).

The solution would be to do short requests only :-)

Fork the search within a separate process and poll for a result.


Lukas Renggli

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