[Seaside] [ANN] Sport + Swazoo 1.1.4 + Seaside 2.6 for Dolphin X6

Esteban A. Maringolo emaringolo at gmail.com
Wed Jul 19 03:01:47 UTC 2006

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I've completed a port of Swazoo 1.1.4 and Sport for Dolphin Smalltalk.
Also I've adapted the 2.6 port of Avi Bryant for Dolphin Smalltalk to
work with this Swazoo version.

You can download the three S's from:

Sport provides a consistent interface to things which are implemented
differently in most Smalltalk dialects. Sport provides wrappers for
Exceptions, Times & Dates, Files, Sockets and more.

So far, Sport is implemented in VisualWorks, Gemstone, Squeak, Visual
Age for Smalltalk and Dolphin Smalltalk X6.
Website: http://wiki.cs.uiuc.edu/VisualWorks/Sport

To install Sport use STS Project edition or load the .pac's in this order:
   * VW Filenames.pac
   * MD5.pac
   * Sport
   * Sport tests

For those who doesn't know, Swazoo is an open source HTTP Server and web
application framework entirely written in Smalltalk <http://www.swazoo.org>.

This version of Swazoo is based on the Sport compatibility layer, and is
ported directly from the main code stream on the Cincom VW Public

You must load Swazoo from the STS Project edition or loading the .pac's
in this order:
   * Swazoo-Compatibility.pac
   * Swazoo-Headers.pac
   * Swazoo-Server.pac
   * Swazoo-Resources.pac
   * Swazoo-Examples.pac
   * Swazoo-Tests.pac

The Seaside version is an adaptation from Avi Bryant's initial port,
it's very beta, but you can play with it (most of its functionality is
ok), to install Seaside load the STS Project edition or load the .pac's
in this order:
   * IDB Duration.pac
   * IDB DateAndTime.pac
   * Seaside-Dolphin.pac
   * Seaside.pac
   * Seaside-Swazoo.pac

I'll try to continue the stalled port of Avi Bryant merging it with my
earlier port, check <http://dolphinseaside.blogspot.com> for more news.

Check the packages comments to get instructions on how to add a
SeasideSwazooResource or how to setup a Swazoo Site.


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