[Seaside] #WAAbstractHtmlBuilder #list:do: Bug

Chiara muralito at gmail.com
Wed Jul 19 15:46:23 UTC 2006

> Hi Chiara,
> welcome


> > I know that #listItem: expect a String
> How do you know this ? I think listItem: expects a block.

actually, I suposse this, je my mistake :)

> You have broke a lot of code :-)

jeje, yes

> I think this code is wrong, you should have wrote:
> html list: self persons do: [:person | html text: person name]

OK thanks

> This is because #list:do: expects a block that will render something.
> You could use also:


> Did you heard about the new Canvas API ? If you are new in Seaside, you
> might to try it because it is the future. Just ask if you want to know
> more about this.

:-D ++ I'll want to know more about it.

> Hope I'm not wrong

I hope too

> Bye

Saludos Chiara

"Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding."
Albert Einstein

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