[Seaside] Field validation?

Rick Flower rickf at ca-flower.com
Sat Jul 22 00:35:44 UTC 2006

Chad Nantais wrote:
> Boris,
> Have a look at the store example in Seaside-Examples-Store.
> Specifically, have a look at the class comments in WAStoreCreditCard.
> They may be a good starting point to guide your thinking on
> server-side model validation.

Sorry for resurrecting an older thread, but I had a few questions I 
wanted to ask.. Specifically, for those of you using field validation 
within Seaside forms, are you using that in conjunction with 
WAModelProxy or stand-alone without it?

Also -- are you validating the fields at the end of your form processing 
(care of your submitButton callback:) or within each of the various 
field callbacks?

Also -- are there any pitfalls to watch out for?  I'm trying to get all 
of my ducks lined up before I rewrite code over-n-over-n-over.. Thanks!

-- Rick

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