[Seaside] Accented characters

Damien Cassou damien.cassou at laposte.net
Mon Jul 24 15:32:05 UTC 2006

>> WAKom stop.
>> WAKomEncoded  startOn: 8080.
>> And then I entered a simple 'ö' in the text input within firefox in
>> which utf-8 is selected.
>> This is the result of clicking the 'Ok' button:
>> "
>>    Internal Server Error
>>    Error: Invalid utf8 input detected
>> "
> You're right it's broken. I was not aware of this Also external: utf-8
> internal: utf-8 doesn't work in 3.9 although it does in 3.7.
>> My image is 3.9b-7044 and I use Seaside2.6b1-dc.62
>> Any advice ?
> Switch to an older Squeak (3.8 or 3.7) or fix it yourself. Sorry if
> this sounds harsh but these are the two most likely ways to get it
> working.

My little experiment on Squeak3.9b-7044 using WAKom without any conversion:

- seaside input method works correctly and the model get the right value 
(at least, if I inspect it in squeak I get the right accented character)
- during the answering, the WAResponse contained the valid accented 
character printable within Squeak debugger
- the only problem is in html source code I can read in my web browser. 
There is a '?' instead of the letter.

What is the encoding used by Squeak3.9b-7044 ? It seems to be UTF-8 
because WAKom does not convert anything if I understand correctely.

Can somebody help me and make accented characters work on Seaside ?

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